Happy Birthday !

It's your birthday today ! I still remember the day we met. It was a long time ago - then I friended you on Facebook, - and we've been virtual friends ever since! How old are you this year, ? My birthday wish for you is that you are surrounded by friends and family this birthday. I hope they toast you at a bar, your school and/or work .

I even included a song from the new Low Album "Ones and Sixes" but the NPR site I shared it from pulled the song - it's really good, - you should check it out - they are from Minneapolis.

don't stay out partying too long and hard. Remember we don't want to see any graffiti reading " Was Here!" or "It's 's Birthday!" A license plate that reads would be cool though. Have you found a Coke or Diet Coke with written on it? You used to be able to search and see if there were bottles with your name on them, but now you can order a personalized one for about the cost of a 12 or 24 pack

Here's some pictures from my facebook account - I haven't exactly figured out how to pull ones of you in particular , but believe me I'm working on "How to show pictures of on 's website (which of course is what this is!) don't think for a second that this is something that I designed so that all my friends on facebook could have their very own website - no this one is all for .

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All of this was put together using a Microsoft Azure website. You of all my friends should know just how cool that is and you probably want to register isawesome.azurewebsites.net right now don't you? If it's not already taken.

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