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The Story Behind This Site...

In 2014 I sent Rob Nottoli a birthday message on Facebook including a link to this website. It included a static HTML page with no graphics or fancy code - just a message. I made modifications for others at Microsoft, my family, etc. using a single page.

In 2015 I figured out how to setup a Javascript call to parse the URI (the part after the website) to make the page customized to any of my friends. I used this version for a while and it was my wife's grandma Mabel that commented "it's not working" because I advertised it as "a completely customized website."

In 2016 I am making a couple other small improvements - 1) a belated birthday page (for when I have forgotten to post on someone's day), 2) a family, co worker, friend, etc. page so it's less creepy and 3) a couple additional variables besides first name.

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