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In 2014 I sent Rob Nottoli a birthday message on Facebook including a link to this website. It included a static HTML page with no graphics or fancy code - just a message. I made modifications for others at Microsoft, my family, etc. using a single page.

In 2015 I figured out how to setup a Javascript call to parse the URI (the part after the website) to make the page customized to any of my friends. Below was v2 of the website (it was archived once on the Internet Wayback Machine!):

Happy Birthday, Rob

I certainly hope this completely customized website makes your day extra special,

I used this version for a while and it was my wife's grandma Mabel that commented "it's not working" because I advertised it as "a completely customized website."

In 2016 I am making a couple other small improvements - 1) a belated birthday page (for when I have forgotten to post on someone's day), 2) a family, co worker, friend, etc. page so it's less creepy and 3) a couple additional variables besides first name.

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